The Johnny Martin Health Education Program


Constantine Herring lived in the 17th century and his observations are now known as Herrings Law Of Cure. HLOC has stood the test of time and is really the only way to track the course of chronic disease. A summary of HLOC states that

Disease leaves the body from top to bottom, from inside to outside, from the greater organs to the lesser organs and in the reverse order of their appearance.

It is important for a patient to understand the course a disease is taking, for two main reasons :-

 (1) If a person is using a suppressive therapy, and deeper symptoms appear, it is important to understand that deterioration has occurred, and the faulty treatment should be stopped to prevent further decline.

(2) When proper treatment is used, the patient should realise that they may re-visit symptom patterns from an earlier stage of their life, if the condition was not fully corrected or suppressed by a previous treatment.

This situation is known as the reverse progression of symptoms,  and will continue until all the unresolved disease conditions are resolved, even though some may go back to early childhood. Basically we are looking at tissues releasing accumulated toxicity and begining to function properly again. 

Herrings law provides us with a symptom hierarchy, which is essential if we are to assess in which direction the diease is moving. HLOC also helps us understand the incredible integrity that the body has for survival. 

This concept for the cure of chronic disease is a most fascinating aspect of natural therapy. Such a concept is completely rejected by all but a few allopaths both conventional and alternative. This rejection is to be expected, of course, because if accepted, it must also be accepted that most of the methods used are injurious to the patient in the long run. 

A hypothetical example, but unfortunately not uncommon. A classic sequence of disease, would be the first imbalance showing in the bowel, followed by the skin, followed by the lungs and finally reaching head or mind level. We see the disease moving in an upward direction and from lesser to more vital organs.  

If a patient comes with asthma or another lung imbalance and he/she is properly treated, they may at some point in the future present a skin imbalance such as eczema or an IBS symptom. This should be viewed as positive as the course of the disease is going from more important to lesser organs.

 However if our patient becomes depressive after therapy we can be sure that the treatment is faulty, as the course of the disease is moving from lung to mind, moving from a lesser organ to greater organ and moving in a upward direction. 


It is our responsibility to provide the body with the environment, and let the body do what only it can do, HEAL ITSELF.